Community Action Groups

A Grassroots Beginning

From the birth of the Farm Bureau organization, member involvement has been the driving factor. Community Action Groups provide members with a forum to collectively address issues that are impacting agriculture. Discussion evolves into action and action into policy. Currently over 100 hundred policies have made their way into the Michigan Farm Bureau Policy Book, each one getting its start from someone like you.

CAG Involvement Means

  • Meeting together with a group once per month
  • Reading information on a current agricultural issue
  • Discussion on how the issue affects you
  • Responding to questions about the issue
  • Submitting the responses to the local and state Farm Bureau for action

CAG Involvement Lets You

  • Guide Policy Development
  • Impact issues that affect you
  • Direct the organization
  • Build relationships with others like you
  • Get involved in the organization and your community

How can I get involved?

Your county Farm Bureau Administrative Manager has a listing of all the groups meeting in your area right now and can put you in touch with friendly people to get you started. Another option is to start your own Community Action Group and involve others in your social realm. It costs nothing but time each month, but benefits you, the organization and the agricultural industry.

For more information, please contact your County Administrative Manager or Michigan Farm Bureau - Community Action Groups Dept., 7373 West Saginaw Hwy., Lansing, MI 48917 517-323-7000, ext. 3232