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Jackson County Farm Bureau
2017 County Annual

Sand Hill Farms
2590 Barber Road
Grass Lake, MI 49240


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Legislators  Policy #63     State
Submission # 2017-37-1
The Jackson County Farm Bureau supports the idea of part-time legislators.

Utility Placement Policy #84     State
Submission # 2017-37-2
The Jackson County Farm Bureau encourage manufacturers of items that can be inflated like Mylar Balloons and Chinese lanterns to be made of biodegradable material to protect machinery and animals.

Bio Solids   Policy #84     State
Submission # 2017-37-3
Recently there has been hundreds of acres in Jackson County covered with bio-solids products from NEFCO in Detroit. While this is a very good product for agronomical use and a cheap source of fertilizer, there are some concerns how the product is being stored at the farm or being applied to fields. Currently, the bio-solids are being applied at a rate to supply the Nitrogen (N) needed for the following crop without any regard to the amount of Phosphorous (P) in the product. This is entirely opposite of the requirements of commercial fertilizer and GAAMP.

  • Therefore the Jackson County Farm Bureau feels that the application and storage of the bio-solids should be the same as are in place for commercial fertilizers.
  • The Jackson County Farm Bureau supports incorporating all wastewater treatment fertilizers/Bio-solids regardless of product form.

District Resolution   Policy #67, line 39    State
Submission # 2017-37-4
The Jackson County Farm Bureau encourage all Township and municipalities to review and update their local master plans and zoning ordinances as local agriculture facilities continue to create opportunities.

Pollution Policy  Policy #84, line 122, new bullet point  State
Submission # 2017-37-5
 “We Support” The establishment of a Statewide Septic System Task Force that should be responsible for developing a set of septic system standards that can be fairly and uniformly implemented and enforced across Michigan. This task force should include agricultural, rural, urban and statewide geographic representation.

Bio-Security   Policy #4, line 11    State
Submission # 2017-37-6
In an effort to protect bio-security and private property rights, we strongly oppose state agency personnel from performing inspections of farms without notification to and awareness of the farm owner/operation.

Hunting Season        State
Submission # 2017-37-7
We Courage the DNR and the State Legislature to revise, and extend or create hunting season to provide the most flexibility to hunters to improve successful harvests, effectively manage populations and encourage state economic prosperity.