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Michigan's Official Travel and Tourism Site has information
on many things to do in Michigan and part of that is Farm Markets.

There is nothing more delightful, than visiting the farm markets in Michigan. Agriculture has always been one of Michigan's major industries, and Michigan is still the leader in producing delicious cherries and blueberries. Visit one of the many Michigan farm markets on your next Pure Michigan travel adventure.
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Michigan Farm Market & Agricultural Tourism directory can be found at for family fun on the farm
Agriculture is part of the heritage of Michigan and is the second largest factor in our economy. Michigan farm markets, organic farms, maple syrup producers, wineries and u-pick farms and orchards are all there to welcome visitors for fun on the farm. A tour of Michigan farms could include a creamery, cider mill, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, plant nursery or a tree farm. There is nothing like a day in the Michigan countryside for fresh air, fresh vegetables or maybe a little wine tasting at a Michigan vineyard. All of these are available in a very short trip and some Michigan farm markets are even open all year long. Don't forget seasonal treats like honey, cider and mushroom hunting.

Michigan Farm Market and Agri-tourism Association (MI-FMAT)
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