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Since its establishment, Benzie-Manistee Farm Bureau has been dedicated to defending the rights and economic interests of its members.

Your county Farm Bureau believes that its member families are the most important people in the organization. If you have any questions regarding any service or program available to Farm Bureau members, please feel free to contact the county FB administrator or any member of the board of directors.

Benzie-Manistee County Farm Bureau Mission Statement:

Benzie-Manistee County Farm Bureau encourages and promotes the efforts of our agricultural community.  We will support farmers and farm programs, promote agriculture and enhance the community awareness of food production and agriculture in Benzie-Manistee County.

Legislative Breakfasts held by the Benzie-Manistee Farm Bureau are on-going, every quarter (Jan,Apr,Jul,Oct) on the first Monday.

Your legislators have been invited so you can personally voice your questions and concerns with State Representative Ray Franz; State Senator Darwin Booher; and U.S. Congressman Dan Benishek MD,or their staff representatives.

We hope you take this opportunity to express your concerns, Jason Jablon, public policy committee chair, 231-313-9747

Benzie-Manistee Farm Bureau serves Benzie and Manistee counties.