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Hunting Lease Agreement

Deer-Hunting season provides an opportunity for farmers and sportsmen to develop lease arrangements for hunting privileges. Many landowners are reluctant to allow hunters on their land due to liability concerns.

Michigan law provides landowners with liability protection. Part 733 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act provides landowners with limited liability protection whether people entering the property have permission or not, and whether the landowner charges fees or not.

In an effort to make hunting lease arrangements less troubling for landowners, Michigan Farm Bureau has created a sample "Hunting Lease Agreement." This form sets forth guidelines for both the landowner and hunter that can allow both parties to enter a lease arrangement with greater confidence.

The intent of this sample "Hunting Lease Agreement" is to serve only as a guide. The parties should consult an attorney to draft a more detailed lease or to modify the suggested lease agreement.


  1. Read the entire agreement.
  2. It is recommended that you do not add or cross-out any words on this form except for filling in the blanks.
  3. If there is anything you do not understand, you should ask a lawyer for an explanation.
  4. You must be age 18 or older to sign this lease.
  5. Minors of legal hunting age must have the lease co-signed by a parent or guardian.

For more information on Hunting and Trapping, please review the DNR's Hunting and Trapping Guide.