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AgriPac Mission Statement

Which candidates for State and Federal public Offices will be best for agriculture? Michigan Farm Bureau's Political Action Committee, AgriPac, in cooperation with County Farm Bureau Candidate Evaluation Committees, evaluates and endorses the candidates who will best support Farm Bureau policy and agriculture. If they measure up they receive AgriPac's endorsement as a "Friend of Agriculture".

AgriPac's election year activities rely on grassroots opinion. County volunteers, who earn their living in agriculture, give their time to serve on county Candidate Evaluation committees. They interview candidates and pass on their "Friend of Agriculture" recommendations to AgriPac.

To learn more about political action activities and making a difference, call 800-292-2680, extension 2040, or call your county Farm Bureau.

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AgriPac History

Farmers recognized both a need and opportunity to engage in the political and legislative arenas to en­hance agriculture's voice. In 1977, farmer delegates to the 58th Michigan Farm Bureau Annual Meeting adopted policy to create a Political Action Committee (PAC) to be known as AgriPac. This was after two years of studying the feasibility of establishing a PAC by a MFB Board appointed study committee.

In today's era of term limits, the need and value of involvement in the political process has never been more important.

Our Process

Our success over the years is rooted in our grassroots endorsement process. Each county Farm Bureau meets to review candidates locally, and then makes a recommendation to AgriPac for endorsement. It fol­lows the basic philosophy that politics are local, and no one knows that local candidate better than the local people.

Friends of Agriculture Endorsement

  • Highly sought after by state & national candidates for public office.
  • A rich tradition, grounded in local grassroots involvement and recommendations.
  • An excellent success rate. On average, 90% of Friends of Agriculture are elected.
  • Well respected, because of the grassroots endorsement process
  • The only statewide agricultural Political Action Committee, representing all sectors of agriculture.

Our Principles

Several basic principles AgriPac has followed over the years have garnered a tremendous amount of respect from within and outside our organization, and have attracted candidates to seek out our endorsement. Those principles are:

  • Grassroots involvement in endorsement decisions.
  • AgriPac does not play games with its endorsement decisions. The AgriPac philosophy? Be decisive -- just as voters must be when they can vote for only one candidate in the voting booth.
  • Effective and responsible use of contributions to help get Friends of Agriculture elected.
  • Getting Friends of Agriculture elected goes beyond an endorsement and ontribution; we strive to assist with election efforts.

AgriPac Influence

AgriPac Mission Statement

"Agripac is a very important component within Michigan Farm Bureau. It is obviously beneficial for the ag friendly candidates we support and I am very grateful for the Agripac endorsement I received as a candidate. But even more than assisting the candidates, it benefits MFB by helping candidates understand the issues of production agriculture and brings them face to face with producers. It is another means with which to tell the story of agriculture." - Farmer and State Senator Judy Emmons

AgriPac Mission Statement

"The AgriPac endorsement made a tremendous difference in my 2002 primary race for the Senate. AgriPac is widely respected and its influence extends far beyond those involved in farming." -State Senator Alan Cropsey

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"It's essential that candidates for public office hold agriculture as one of their highest priorities. Thankfully, Michigan AgriPac endorses candidates who will best support the agricultural sector and provides them with important resources to share their message with voters." -State Senator and former Congressman Jim Barcia

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"We definitely need to find the friends of Agriculture out there. AgriPac helps to do that at the Candidate Evaluation level and at the state level. With term limits, AgriPac is more important now than it ever has been." -Rob Richardson with wife, Regina, Farm Bureau Member

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